A very nice video. It shows the new ATOS Wing. For more information contact AIR. The Wing will be presented on the AERO aviation show on April, 10th-13th.

by Adam Siatkowski



New partner in Chile - Christian Cid

We are glad to welcome Christian Cid as our new partner. Christian can look back on many years of experience as a hang glider and trike pilot as well as a flight instructor. He will take over the distribution of the A-I-R products in Chile.


Christian Cid

Santiago de Chile: +56 99 170 1762 (Oktober until June)

Spanien: +34 655 096 877 (July until September)

Email: christiancidinversiones(at)

World championship class 5 in Krusevo (Macedonia)

From 8.-21.7.2018 in Krusevo (Macedonia) the HG World Championships in class 5 (rigid wings) will take place. After 6 flown days, Wolfagng Kotgasser (AUT) leads just ahead of Tim Grabowski (GER). Third is Luca Comino (ITA).


Further information you'll find on the official website

UK test event

From 22.6.- 25.6.2018 we want to fly with you over the beautifull greens of Wales and England. If you want take part and test our ATOS glider please call us, so we can reserve a flight for you:

+44 1433 621 753 or +49 8368 3579983

more Info at the AVIAN facebook event page


Best opportunity to buy a used glider too, take a look at our used glider page, we can bring it to the UK for you

Projekt ATOS Wing

Aero 2018 Messe Friedrichshafen

Visit us at AERO fair in Friedrichshafen!

DHV Saison Opening 14.1/15.April 2018

We will be there for you.

ATOS gliders for testing are avaiable.

Test flying 16.9.2017-19.9.2017 Bassano del Grappa

From 16.9.2017 - 19.9.2017 we offer test flight at flight area Bassano del Grappa. We have the ATOS VQ and ATOS VR with us.

Phone: +49 176 61142634 - Sven

Silent Glider stick control news

The new designed stick control is currently in flying test.

We want to present you the final version to the AERO 2018

ATOS Testival 2017 - great success

This year's ATOS AIR Testival was a great success. On two days we had a lot of visitors who could. There was a lot to see an test. The light versions of VR and VQ were available. Through consistent material savings, the weight could be lowered by 1.5kg, which results in an more agile handling and easier start and landing characteristics. 

Harald Stephan made tandem flights with the ATOS-VX, for beginners a trial course on the practice slope took place. Also for the physical well-being was well taken care of.

Thanks to everyone supporting the event and the AIR team is looking forward to next years event.

to the photo gallery

AIR ATOS test event and open door 14./15.10.2017

With additional expo for hanggliding harnesses

After some try with bad luck on the weather we finally got a very good forecast for this weekend, the testival will take place! 

On 14./15. Oktober we invite you to visit us at our factory in Buching. Here you can see our newest products and also try the newest ATOS out with starts directly in front of out factory or behind the factory from the mountain.

There will be flying demos from our top pilots including e-towing and also biplace flying.

Our chef will serve you on our BBQ and you will get a cold after flight beer here.

We also invite you to the hang gliding harness expo in our factory. So good landings are sure for next saison!

The following producer/dealer are committed to show there products:

- Canceled - DHV Hang Gliding Meeting 2017 with host A-I-R, 30.9.-1.10.2017

Because of the bad weather forecast for the coming weekend we will cancel the DHV-Hang Gliding Meeting in Buching.

The DHV is organising the 3. Hang Gliding Meeting from 30. September - 1. October 2017 in Buching near the Tegelberg, Allgäu for the european hang gliding scene.

Here, pilots will have the chance to look at the latest gliders and accessories and discuss the newest developments in safety and training. The event will take place in good weather only, see DHV online news for details.

2. Greilinger E-flight days

From  23. to 24. September 2017 the  LSV-Greiling will host on airfield Greiling the 2. Greilinger E-flight days. This airfield doesn't allow combustion engines, therefore it developed over the last years to a competence center for electric flights. The E-flight days understood themself as a  a platform for ideas, discussion and interaction about the electro flights.

There will be a lot of electro powered ultralights/microlights and electric powered towing.

The A-I-R GmbH will present there ATOSs, to show the special suitability of these wings to electrical powered microlights.

A-I-R ATOS on 44. Coupe Icare 2017

From 22.9. to 24.9.2017 will will present our wings on the coupe icare. Thanks to the invitation on the stand from la mouette, we can present our wings as wing of the microlight trikes of la mouette.

Testevent Mosel at DFC Trier 30./31.7.2017 - new date!

On Saturday/Sunday 30./31.July 2017 we will visit the DFC Trier at his nice flying sites Neumagen/Serrig. We will bring you the newest ATOS models with full carbon keel, as well as our proven standard ATOS models for most easy flying. Please reserve a glider.

Many thanks for the invitation goes to the DFC Trier.

Testevent Airfield Blumberg 20.06.2017

On 20.6.2017 we will give you the opportunity to test our actual high-end ATOS VR gliders. You can test the basic model and the full featured ATOS VR with full carbon keel and airbrakes.

Start is possible with microlight towing with a Dragonfly.

Thanks to the team of Airfield Blumberg and Harm&Annette as towing crew.

More infos about the airfield and the ongoing towing events there:

Testevent Greifenburg 8.-11.6.2017

Starting with Thursday we will have perfect flying condition again. Therefore we will be in Greifenburg (austria) for you and let you fly our ATOS gliders.

Please call Sven +49 176 61142634 to reserve a glider for you.


Takeoff and landing training for hanggliding pilots

From 26.5-28.5.2017 there will be a take off and landing training here at A-I-R Germany. The training will be lead by Andy Ehmann. He is a ATOS pilot since years and will tell you all the secrets for perfect take offs and landings for the upcoming season.

All hang gliding pilots are very welcome to take part.

The cost share for this event will be 200€ and we need at least 4 persons.

Registration is done direct at Flugrausch the flying school of Andy.

A-I-R with Silent glider and Samson Trike at Aero 2017

You can find us at the joint stand of Geiger Engineering and flying school Toni Roth inside hall A7.

We presenting the new trike offer for our ATOS, the Samson, which is a affordable open trike, even available as two seater and with different electric and petrol engines.

For sure our high performance thermic trike, the Silent Glider will be shown too.



ATOS VRplus certification done